Aki Hassan is a multi-disciplinary artist who shifts between drawing, printed matter, sculpture and installation. They are invested in how forms, materials and objects encounter one another in both concrete and metaphorical terms, and how personalities are revealed in the process, surfacing paradoxes and unexpected details. This feeds into a curatorial interest in arranging them in a space, in this way exploring their interrelations. They see the process of making as a tool, to reflect on their support systems, to locate strength, shifts and imbalances in exchange.

Aki Hassan has taken part in both local and international exhibitions, such as An Exercise of Meaning in A Glitch Season (National Gallery Singapore, 2020), Pig Rock Bothy Residency & Exhibition (Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, 2019) and SCOUT: Emerging Art Practice, Singapore (Gillman Barracks, 2015). They are a co-founder of a small distro-press, known as Power Couple Press, which primarily works with comic, zine and illustration artists based in both Glasgow and Singapore (powercouple.press). Through this, they have been platformed at various book & art festivals across the UK, such as Glasgow Zine Fair (GZF), East London Comic Art Festival (ELCAF) and Edinburgh Comic Art Festival (ECAF).

Rifqi Amirul Rosli is an artist in Singapore whose works often deals with the in-between of things: states of suspension, transition, liminality. He probes into the construction of personal boundaries and speculative states that defines one’s purpose and sentimentality towards a place. He describes the personal connection one has to a physical, or an imagined place, which may not necessarily be a typical home, but could relate to a sense of familiarity, a tradition or a regular activity that becomes a part of one’s identity.

Rifqi Amirul has also taken part in exhibitions such as an edifice w/o (Objectifs, 2020) Nyanyi Sunyi (Gillman Barracks, 2018), VADA Untapped (Affordable Art Fair Singapore, 2019), Pure Ever (Y2 Arts, 2019) and PrayPal (ISLANDS Peninsula, 2020). Rifqi is also the Co-founder of the collective Pure Ever a platform project whose goal is to provide visibility for under-represented or emerging creatives across all vectors of political, social, and creative interests that hopes to occupy a more generous spirit of collaboration, creativity, networking, and solidarity making.

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